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COVID-19 Related Info

St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool Operating Plan During COVID-19


Emergency Plan Summary


  • Each class ages 2-6 will be carried out in groups as small as possible. This will be carried out to the best of our ability. PIN 20-06


  • Children shall not change from one group to another each day to the best of our ability. PIN 20-06


  • Each group shall be in a separate room. Groups shall not mix with each other to the best of our ability.  PIN 20-06


  • Teachers shall remain solely with one group of children each day to the best of our ability. PIN 20-06


  • Teachers shall follow standard guidelines to prevent spread, such as social (physical) distancing when it is feasible in a childcare setting, handwashing, and surface cleaning as outlined with the Health Department and Department of Social Services childcare licensing.


Social Distancing at St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool


  • Limit the number of children in a single classroom according to licensing, LB Health Department and L.A. County Mandates/Recommendations.


  • Rearrange classrooms to promote distance between children's activity stations, tables, and chairs.


  • Put space between children during circle time and other activities that bring children close together.


  • Ventilate classes by opening windows, integrating longer outside time if weather permits.


  • Use a backpack or a large Ziplock bag for each child's individual materials.


  • At nap time, place children head-to-foot spacing them apart.


  • Develop activities that model and reinforce good hygiene and social (physical) distancing practices.


  • Use classroom materials, tables, and carpets to help children visualize the distance between each other.


  • Use a staggered schedule for outdoor time so no two groups are in the same place at the same time.


  • Have lunch and/or meals in classrooms and space children on tables whenever possible. We will use disposable plates and utensils to minimize contamination risks.


  • Remind children never to share or touch anyone else's food or drinks.

Modifying St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool Daily Operations to Minimize Exposures


  • Wellness check at the door for every child, teacher, and person(s) entering the school which includes washing the child’s hands before entering and temperature checks.


  • Staff, parents, or any other person(s) attempting to enter St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will not be able to enter nor attend school. Signs stating as much will be posted.


  • One family will be checked in at a time when entering St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool with a mask and following 6-feet social distancing.


  • Wash hands prior to sign in/out. Pen will be disinfected after each use or parents may use their own pen.


  • Until further notice we are avoiding parents, visitors, and vendors from entering the classrooms.


  • We are encouraging each family who drops off and picks up to do so swiftly as they arrive and depart St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool.


  • No large community activities will be practiced, including Pre-K Graduation, Back-to-School BBQ, and any celebration with more than 10 children present until further notice.


  • All emergency contact information needs to be updated.


Hygiene Practices to Limit the Spread of COVID-19 in St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool


  • All staff should wear a mask or face covering while they are working.


  • We are not requiring our children to wear masks at this time to ensure that the child can breathe safely and avoid choking or suffocation. Children with breathing problems should not wear a face covering.


  • We will provide adequate supplies for good hygiene, which include easy access to clean and functional handwashing stations, soap, paper towels, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer in each class and all restrooms as needed and necessary for children, staff, and parents.


  • Each person entering/exiting must wash hands including children.


  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool has incorporated handwashing into our daily routines; We will teach children how to do a thorough hand washing and assist the children in the younger classrooms.


  • We implement hand washing at the beginning of the day, before and after meals, after outside play, after using the restroom, and before and after classroom activities that involve sharing supplies and materials and after coughing and sneezing.


  • We supervise and sing the "Happy Birthday” song or “ABC” song twice in a row while children wash their hands to demonstrate 20 seconds of hand washing.


  • We routinely clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as toilet covers, doorknobs, counter tops, toys, faucet handles, equipment and manipulatives, and phones. and we use cleaning products that meet EPA standards for infection control and follow the label directions.


  • Staff are required to wash hands routinely which includes washing hands thoroughly with soap and warm running water, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds.



When Should Staff or Children Stay Home? Procedures


  • Staff/children must stay home when they are sick, especially if they are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness with a fever and cough.


  • Staff must remain at home in isolation and not return to St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool for a minimum of 10 days after onset of symptoms of COVID-19 AND until their symptoms have improved AND they are free of fever for at least 72 hours without fever-reducing medication.


  • Staff and parents/children should consider getting tested if they have symptoms of COVID-19.


  • A health care provider's note is NOT required for employees (or children) who are sick with acute respiratory illness to stay at home or to return when they have recovered. Healthcare providers are extremely busy and may not be able to provide documentation in a timely way, given the demands of patient care.


  • Staff and children may be sent home to self-quarantine if they have had close contact with an infected person if that person's infection has been confirmed by testing. The quarantine must be for 10 days following contact with the infected person. If no symptoms arise during the 10 days, the quarantined person may return to work/school.


  • Staff - In the event that it would become impossible to provide services if all staff were to self­-quarantine after exposure, exposed staff may continue to work but must monitor themselves for symptoms, including temperature checks, twice a day. Symptom checks should be conducted once right before the start of the workday and a second time, ideally 12 hours later. These staff will be provided with face coverings to wear at all times while at work. All staff that have returned will be required to follow hand washing routines and reminded not to touch eyes, nose, mouth, or anywhere while the exposed staff person is.


  • If the staff/child/person was at St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool when symptoms emerged and/or within two days (48 hours) of becoming symptomatic, please notify St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool immediately. St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool will contact the Department of Public Health and Department of Social Services Child Care Licensing to assure appropriate steps are taken.


Health and Sick Policy - What Should a Parent/Staff Do if a Child is Sick?


  • If staff/child does show signs of illness, they will need to stay home. If at school, they will be sent home immediately. Health Policy will remain the same outlined in St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool Handbook that are not related to COVID-19 with the exception of a fever and or respiratory illness.


  • Children/staff who develop symptoms at St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool will be separated from others right away, to a place where others do not enter or pass, and will remain isolated until they can go home and follow guidelines in PIN 20-06.


  • The staff/child must stay home in isolation and not return to school for a minimum of 10 days after onset of symptoms if related to COVID-19 AND until their symptoms have improved AND they are free of fever for at least 72 hours without fever-reducing medication.


  • Consider getting tested with the recommendation of your healthcare provider.


  • Staff/child with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be permitted to stay at school or to return until they are free of a fever for at least 72 hours without fever-reducing medication. Updated Policy in St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool Handbook.


  • Parent and/or staff must report and communicate to the Director immediately if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 or acute symptoms related to COVID-19.


  • Staff is required to remove children from the area in which the sick child or staff were located to give time to separate prior to cleaning and disinfecting. 


  • Staff must open all windows and not enter or disinfect the area for at least 2-4 hours after staff/children were removed. Staff must clean and disinfect class and toys prior to re-entering class or area where child/staff were sick.


  • Report to Local HD and CDPH and complete an incident accident report if test results are positive for COVID-19.

  • The decision as to whether to temporarily close due to the COVID-19 is at the discretion of the licensee unless ordered to close by local, state, or federal authorities with emergency jurisdiction to do so. If a facility has been impacted by an individual who has been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19, St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool will adhere to CDPH's guidelines and contact your local county public health department, report the incident to your local regional Licensing office, and communicate with our families about it.

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